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Montana DIY Cap Set

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Cap: Spray-Width:
5x Flat Jet Cap Fine: White/Black 1,5 - 8,0cm 0.50" - 3.00"
5x Flat Jet Cap Medium: Black/Yellow 6,0 - 8cm 2.35" - 3.15"
5x Flat Jet Cap Wide: Red/Black 10 - 14cm    3.90" - 5.50"

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The Montana DIY Cap Set consists of each five pieces of Flat Jet Caps Fine, Medium and Wide. This covers a spray-width of 1.5cm - 14cm (0.50 "- 5.50").

The flat jet spray heads deliver a more even spray pattern than it is possible with round jet caps. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for painting objects quickly and cleanly. Especially a must-have for surface sealing when e.g. varnish is applied! The wide spray jet also allows you to get into areas that are difficult to access, such as corners and edges.

Our tip: Press the cap before directing the spray jet on the object. Then keep pulling the cap in one swift motion over the object while keeping the cap pressed. Do not let your finger off the cap until the spray jet is no longer aimed at the object. This avoids frustration and stress due to unwanted paint splatters and trickles on your works of art!

Also the Flat Jet Caps are also great for creative works such as calligraphy or large-format lettering (tags) as they are often used in graffiti and street art!

The DIY Cap Set consits of:

  • 5x Flat Jet Cap Fine
  • 5x Flat Jet Cap Medium
  • 5x Flat Jet Cap Wide

Fiitting on all female valve cans!

For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

Flat Jet / Calligraphy
Spray Jet
flat / wide
hard-edged (clean)

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