Medium Fat Cap White/Orange

Medium Fat Cap White/Orange

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  • Medium Fat Cap
  • Spray Width: Sprühstärke: ~8cm (3.2“)
  • Spray Jet: round
  • clean lines
  • for medium and large sized lines/areas/smooth color gradients
  • Allround Cap

The Fat Cap White/Orange is a medium fat cap, for an average spray width from about 8cm (3.2“).

For many Graffiti artists in Europe, this cap was their first contact with a fat cap at all. The days of searching for clean round caps on household cleaning products were nearly over, as the WHITE/ORANGE fat cap (and later the white/pink), came into frequent circulation and took the graffiti community by storm. As the use of aerosol paint for art making grew, so did the popularity of the fat cap. Urban artists and street artists embraced the ability to cover larger surface areas in less time.

With an average spray width of 8cm (3.2“), the WHITE/ORANGE fat cap creates lines that are considered as medium sized for its class. The WHITE/ORANGE fat cap also boasts a clean line, making it an attractive option for outlining large format letters as well as efficient filling in.

Art & craft enthusiasts as well as DIY project makers are not left out. With a slightly faster output then a skinny cap, the WHITE/ORANGE also makes covering larger objects or creative projects easy. Fitting on all female valve cans.

For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance to your substrate. For fatter or broader lines, spray from a further distance.

Fat Cap
Spray Jet
hard-edged (clean)
Suitable Can-Valve
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