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Fat Cap NY

New York Fat Cap - 100pcs

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  • Fat Cap
  • Spray Width: Sprühstärke: ~4 - 6cm (1.5” to 2.4”)
  • Spray Jet: round
  • juicy, clean lines
  • for medium sized lines
  • 100% oldschool - perfect for tagging!

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The New York Fat Cap is anoutline cap with an average spray width from ca. 4 - 6cm (1,5” to 2,4”).

The New York Fat Cap (or NY fat cap), is a staple for graffiti artists the world over. It is a universally gifted cap that has both practical benefits such as efficient delivery of paint, as well as clean, crisp lines. Making it a great cap for tagging, outlining, filling or object spraying. Also loved by urban artists, street artists, fine artists and DIYers doing art and craft projects, the NY fat cap ejects paint evenly, leaving a balanced distribution of paint within its solid, clean line. All though relatively thin for a fat cap, its classification and naming as a "fat cap" was probably attained in a period of 70's-80's New York graffiti when there were not many fatter caps available. True oldschool! Fitting on all female cans!

For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance to your substrate. For fatter or broader lines, spray from a further distance.

Fat Cap
Spray Jet
hard-edged (clean)
Suitable Can-Valve
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