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Level 3 - Soft Skinny Cap - 100pcs

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  • Soft Skinny Cap
  • Spray Width: ~1 - 4cm (0.4“ - 1.6“)
  • Spray Jet: round
  • soft lines
  • for small and medium sized lines/color gradients

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The Level 3 Cap is classed as a Soft Skinny Cap and brings on the change from smaller to a middle sized line. It offers a medium average spray width from 1 - 4cm (0.4“ - 1.6“).

It was developed to achieve soft and smooth paint application. Although not as clean as the Level 1 and Level 2 caps before it, the Level 3 cap specializes in fading paint to achieve the ultimate color gradients on small to moderate surface areas. Often used in graffiti, street art and urban art to fade one or more color into another(s), the Level 3 cap can blend color with fine spray mist to make it difficult to see where one color was applied over the other. Also very useful for D.I.Y, arts and crafts projects. Fitting on all female cans!

For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance to your substrate. For fatter or broader lines, spray from a further distance.

The complete Level Cap system was developed by Montana Cans to compliment the exceptional characteristics of the low pressure, Montana GOLD. It also delivers excellent, accurate results on the Montana BLACK and WHITE as well as on all female cans, making it perfectly suited for D.I.Y and arts and crafts projects.

Skinny Cap
Soft Cap
Spray Jet
very soft-edged (Soft Cap)
Suitable Can-Valve
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