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Flat Jet/Calligraphy Cap Fine

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  • Flat Jet Cap
  • Spray Width: ~1,5 - 8cm (0.5" - 3.0“)
  • Spray Jet: flat
  • clean lines
  • spray jet adjustable from horizontal to vertical
  • for calligraphy and filling-in

The Flat Jet (Calligraphy) Cap Fine is an Effect Cap for a average spray width from ca. 1,5 - 8cm (0.5“ - 3“).

This cap is a modern version of the standard verticle/horizontal chissel caps traditionally found on male valve cans. As a clear departure from the common round spray mark used on most graffiti art, urban art and street art works, the adjustable dot in the cap can be turned easily clockwise to change the rectangular spray mark from a vertical output, to horizontal output.

This cap gets its name due to the marks that it makes appearing similar to that of a calligraphy markers or brushes (but with aerosol paint). The Calligraphy Cap is suitable for aerosol calligraphy, filling in, tagging, for those looking for a variation in mark to the traditional round cap and as an excellent standard cap for EFFECT and TECH sprays. Ideal for object painting and priming. Fitting on all female valve cans!

For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

Flat Jet / Calligraphy
Spray Jet
flat / wide
rough, dirty
Suitable Can-Valve
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