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Pictures say more than a thousand words!

Use the power of colors to convey a certain mood to yourself and any viewer!

With our graffiti and airbrush pictures you get targeted attention and stand out from others. A gray, worn wall quickly becomes the perfect eye-catcher, a painted motorcycle helmet reflects your motor-related passion. The areas of application are diverse and enormous!

Our works are all unique pieces! That is why our commissioned work is aimed primarily at people and companies who want to express themselves individually! Amaze your family, friends, neighbors or customers with a unique work of art and enrich your surroundings with a little bit of color!


In principle, almost any surface can be painted. The classic at is a large motif on a wall. Of course, it is also possible to paint the picture on canvas or other surfaces.

We also refine custom design objects such as helmets, skateboards, bags, T-shirts, etc. We would be happy to advise you on what is possible and what makes sense on what surface!

How much

Our work is made individually according to customer requirements. Therefore, no area-related flat rate can be given.

The price depends primarily on your desired motif, the material and time required, as well as the costs of pre-treating the substrate. In any case, you will receive a cost estimate from us in advance before you incur any financial expenses!


We use a variety of materials, tools and different painting techniques.

For large-format projects, spray cans and wall paint are mostly used. Airbrush is used for motifs that take place in the smallest of spaces.

Before it can be implemented, however, in some cases an appropriate pre-treatment of the painting surface must be carried out. Here, too, we are at your side with advice and action.

You can also find many of the materials we use in our shop!


We love to travel and are mobile and offer our service throughout Austria as well as in neighboring countries!
Locations: Vienna / Bruck a.d. Mur (Styria) / Bludenz (Vorarlberg)


5 steps to your personal work of art

  1. Inquiry by form (see below) or to
  2. Cost estimate
  3. Sketch
  4. Appointment
  5. Execution

Photorealism and 3D-STyle


Width of the motive in meters!

Height of the motive in meters!

The more information we get the better!

.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf allowed!

Which surface: wall, wood, plastic, plastered, painted, etc.

.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf allowed!

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