Graffiti Workshops


Get out of the gray everyday life and immerse yourself in the colorful, shrill world of graffiti!

Have you never asked yourself what is behind the doodles that you see on the house walls every day on your way to work or to school?

  • What's behind it?
  • Who are these people?
  • Why do they do that?
  • How are pictures in the field of urban art (graffiti and street art) painted?
  • Can I do that too?

You can do it!

I offer you...

  • Joy and knowledge in the field...
  • Graffiti and Street Art through...
  • decades of experience, imparted by...
  • didactic skills and...
  • understanding how to deal correctly with my participants , as well as...
  • a lot of fun on a colorful day all in one...
  • casual atmosphere.

The good for you...

  • No (creative) previous knowledge required!
  • Your skills and level of knowledge will be taken into account!
  • Optimal and individual support in...
  • German or English!

premium Workshop


  • History: How has urban art (graffiti and street art) developed historically?
  • Motivation : What drives sprayers?
  • Graffiti Scene: How is it composed (legal vs illegal)?
  • Scene Vocabulary: What does "tag", "yard", etc. mean?
  • Forms of Expression: How can graffiti and street art be divided?
  • Legislation: What is allowed and what penalties can you expect?
  • Legal Graffiti Walls: Where are you allowed to spray?


  1. Introduction:
    Handling of the spray cans and the various spray heads (caps) is explained.
  2. Exercises:
    Get a feel for the spray can and how to draw lines.
  3. Demonstration:
    I spray a classic letter graffiti and impart tips and tricks on how to structure images, correct posture, various effects and style elements.
  4. Concept:
    How do you best implement your ideas.
  5. Spraying the graffiti:
    Here I am at your side with words and deeds!
  6. Mandatory group photo!


  • approx. 1-3 hours
  • larger projects for several days


NO outdoor-events at

Temperatures below 5°C / 41°F
(rain is no problem!)


Here the question arises whether you have your own wall available. If not, other painting surfaces (canvases, wooden walls, etc.) can be used.

If there is no suitable area on site, we can play on a publicly accessible legal graffiti wall, a so-called Hall of Fame (HoF). There are several to choose from across Austria.

In Vienna, the legal workshop or rookie wall is ideal:

  • Location and meeting point (click here):
    Danube Canal, near Flex Café at the "Schwimmende Gärten"
  • Public transportation:
    Schottenring station, lines U2, U4, 1, 31
    Route (click here): 5min on foot
  • roofed: usable even in bad weather like rain
  • Urban art feeling: embedded in Austria's largest open-air gallery
  • drinking water dispenser
  • no toilets on site


A graffiti workshop is a successful change from everyday life. Whether with family, friends, at school or with your company - the bond with each other is strengthened and interpersonal contacts are refreshed.

  • Group size: 1 - 120 people (more also possible!)
  • Age: starts from 10 years

Creative togetherness is fun and has a positive effect on all areas of life!

Click on the + symbols below to find out more information about our main customer groups!

Privat Individuals

Your day - your picture!

Are you interested in graffiti and street art? Do you want to slip into the role of a sprayer? Holding a spray can in your hand, smelling the bewitching paint smell and spraying your own graffiti?

Then you have come to the right place and experience an unforgettable day!

I am also happy to organize workshops for your private celebrations such as birthdays, bachelor parties, etc. Here we can implement a common motive and celebrate the occasion appropriately!

Schools, Kids and Teens

Our children are our future!

Access to the children and young people is definitely facilitated by the creative and modern kind of graffiti art, the class or group cohesion is strengthened and their horizons broadened.

I acquired didactic and social skills related to children while studying to be a teacher. Furthermore, as a father of three, I am used to dealing with children and have sufficient patience and empathy.

I am happy to lead workshops for

  • Schools
  • Youth Centers
  • Supervised Facilities
  • Holiday Camps
  • Children's Birthdays
  • etc.

School: As part of a school project, a concept is also developed with the students. These make sketches and learn a structured approach and how to work in a community. Each student can thus contribute with their respective strengths.

For the students themselves, a graffiti workshop is a welcome change to break out of everyday school life, to express themselves in a different way or just to have fun. The supervisors and teachers confirm to me again and again that my relaxed and open but certain manner is well accepted and valued by the children.

I give generous discounts for schools because I am aware of the financial situation within the system (note: father is a retired teacher). Furthermore, there is the possibility to look for funding. I will be happy to inform you about this if I know the general conditions of the project. If desired, an e-invoice can also be issued!

The protection of children and young people is the greatest good and always requires moments of critical reflection in everyday work. Therefore, I am committed to the child protection concept!

Team Building / Team Event for Companies / Event Agencies /

Teamwork makes the dream work!

This extraordinary company event can be organized as a reward for your hard-working employees, as a team building measure or as an appreciation for your customers! Get out in the fresh air, escape everyday office life and do something creative together.

As part of the workshop, we will jointly design your company logo, a slogan or other desired motifs in a fresh, lively graffiti style. In addition, we can also design a colorful canvas for your office that will amaze your customers!

Tour Operators / Tourist Guides

Live, travel, have adventure, praise and regret nothing!
-Jack Kerouac

Vienna has numerous beautiful sights! You can hardly get enough of it. But our capital can do even more!

Vienna is different! Vienna has developed into a street art and graffiti hotspot over the last few decades. Tourists like to make a pilgrimage to the Danube Canal, relax there and feast on the colorful pictures! There is always something new to discover, as these works of art are only temporary!

Many tour operators are grateful to me for the welcome change in the form of a graffiti workshop. You probably know that our valued guests are quickly saturated and tired of all the museums and sights.

I therefore offer an event in which all participants can actively involve themselves and be guided by their creativity. Everything is prepared - you don't have to think about anything!

The graffiti workshop is perfect for processing old things and discovering new ones! A unique event that the travelers will tell about at home!

we say

Thank you!

Benefit from my

all-round carefree

Standard Workshop Package

BASIC Workshop Package

  • pre-treated wall
  • introduction of spray can handling
  • small selection of spraycans
  • gloves, FFP2 respirator mask, apron
  • support for spraying your graffiti
Standard Workshop Package

Premium Workshop Paket

  • pre-treated wall
  • introduction of spray can handling
  • large selection of spray cans
  • gloves, FFP2 respirator mask, overall, shoe protector
  • graffiti demonstration
  • wall concept
  • support for spraying your graffiti
  • photos and videos
School Workshop Package

SCHOOL Workshop Package

  • individual (multi-day) school projects
  • tailored to your teaching
  • based on STANDARD / PREMIUM workshop package
  • heavily reduced tariff
  • funding possible


happy participants!

Be part of it!

You can find photos of the workshops after the inquiry form!

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Private Individuals

Schools, Kids and Teens

Companies / teambuilding

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to all



SCHOOLS, youth centers, Supervised Facilities, etc.

Schulen und Kids

COMPANIES Unternehmen

Additional information:

Outlines e.U. assumes no liability for damage to property or health. Both with the participants and with third parties! Participation is at your own risk.

Our protective clothing provided protects against spray mist. However, to be on the safe side, I ask you to wear clothes and shoes that can be colored. Spray paint no longer comes out of textiles!

In particular, a respirator and gloves must be used while spraying. The harmful paint is not only absorbed through the airways, but also through the pores of the skin!

Spraying is only allowed on the areas prepared by the workshop leader. If you spray outside of these or even paint other people or animals, this will automatically lead to exclusion from the workshop. Please note that misconduct can lead to legal consequences.

So I appeal to the common sense of every participant. To date, none of the above problems has occurred.

By submitting a workshop request, you agree to the points mentioned above.

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